We aimed at creating a cheaper, better, faster whole slide scanning system.

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Welcome to Instant Imaging Technology, LLC!

Instant imaging technology LLC develops innovative imaging solution to improve microscope performance, we provide cost-effective add-on kit that converts a regular microscope into a high-throughput whole slide imaging system. Our product will replace those high-end, expensive whole slide imager at current market, and will benefit the life science research labs, the pathology education groups, the commercial pathology labs, and the cytology labs at hospital.


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Sample loading and mechanical scanning in the InstantScope platform. (a) 3D-printed plastic gear for controlling the focus knob. (b) x-y scanning kit. (c) Sample loading using an open-source robotic arm. (d-e) Gigapixel images captured by using the reported WSI platform. (d) The captured image of a pathology slide using a 9 megapixel CCD. This image has a field of view of 14 mm by 8 mm and the acquisition time is 1.4 minutes. (e) A captured image of a blood smear using a color CMOS sensor.


The proposed multimodal WSI kitConventional WSI systems
Autofocusing methodInstant autofocusing based on the pinhole-modulated camerasImage-contrast methods; need to acquire images at different z positions to determine the optimal focal position.
Autofocusing range~1 mm based on the pinhole-modulated images~10 µm based on high-resolution image captured through the main camera port (surveying 3 point along the z-axis)
Adaptability for different samplesPhase correlation information can be used to infer the sample’s 3D structure without a z-scan. Scanning strategies can be adaptively changed during the scanning process.Scanning strategies are assigned prior to the scanning process.
Imaging throughput~ 1.4 gigapixel / min (40% improvement is expected)1.0 – 4.0 gigapixel / min (with high-end automatic stages and highly synchronized electronics)
Cost$100-$500 kit (depending on the cameras) as an add-on for regular microscopes, including three parts: 1) autofocusing module, 2) mechanical scanning module, and 3) illumination module using the LCD; If needed, additional $300 for the robotic arm platform.$20,000-$100,000
Imaging modalitiesInstantScope: brightfield, fluorescence. By adding the $15 LCD module, we can further achieve: darkfield, phase contrast, quantitative phase (based on Fourier ptychography), 3D tomography, polarization, and super-resolution Fourier ptychographic microscopyBrightfield and fluorescence

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